03/14/2015 Liveshow: Wildpath + Benighted Soul + Adrana @LaBelleRouge/Tours
02/02/2015 Official Worldwide Release of Disclosure

WILDPATH @wildpath November 14th 2016
1 MILLION VIEWS for Buried Moon on YT, thank you all!!! Check our celebration contest on FB to win our full discography!

WILDPATH @wildpath September 14th 2016
(Re)Discover STILL, our acoustic album here… Want to buy it? Come and check our last post on FB ;)

WILDPATH @wildpath June 29th 2016
Ce samedi à 20h - 2h de concert (1ère partie acoustique, 2ème partie électrique) Toutes les infos sur la page fb \o/…

WILDPATH @wildpath June 23rd 2016
@Mirhagon We're working on it ! It will be available on our website soon (we hope september max)

WILDPATH @wildpath June 23rd 2016
@s4rkn 25/06 en acoustique sur Paris à la Cantada, 2/07 à St Leu la Foret (95) pour 2h de show (~ 45 min acoustique / 1h electrique) ;)

WILDPATH @wildpath June 23rd 2016
Concert Acoustique - Release de STILL ce samedi sur Paris à La Cantada! Entrée libre dès 20h30, Passez le mot!…

WILDPATH @wildpath February 02nd 2016
The idea behind STILL is to show to the public how Wildpath performs Acoustic Lives. First Track,hope you'll enjoy!…

WILDPATH @wildpath February 02nd 2016
First song coming very soon... like tonight maybe :D With a little wallpaper for you! HD 1080p :

WILDPATH @wildpath January 29th 2016
Do you wish to experience how a Wildpath acoustic live sounds like? STILL: Acoustic Live Experience Coming soon!

WILDPATH @wildpath January 22nd 2016
Notre nouvel album acoustique sera bientôt disponible !…

Image Map


1 - Concealed

2 - Outcast

3 - Ignited

4 - Ex Cinere

5 - Petrichor

6 - Confined

7 - Delusion

8 - Unborn

9 - Hollow

10 - Absentia

11 - Disclosure

(Full Length: 54:00)
Released in 2015 by Wildpath

Disclosure is the 4th album of the band.

It has been released in 2015 and announces
a new universe to explore.
Without denying their former albums,
Wildpath renew their style.

Between the stage of an old theater and
the cell of an asylum, the heroin of
Disclosure will experience the forsakeness
of what she has been.

Visual elements of the album are references
to the early 30s american architectural
styles confronting the hugeness of a world
the heroin denies to an intimacy that has
been torn.


1 - Seeds Of A Dream

2 - Unearthed

3 - Dive

4 - Reviver

5 - The Craft

6 - Anchored

7 - Timeworn

8 - Dreaming Doll

9 - Buried Moon

10 - Frozen

11 - X

12 - Crystallized

13 - Underneath

14 - (Bonus) The Elf, The Man And The Muse

(Full Length: 01:05:44)
Released in 2013 by Wildpath
Brennus, Staygold

With Underneath, Wildpath sign their
most epic and symphonic album.
Released in Europe in a Digipack edition
featured with its whole symphonic
version, and in Japan in a completely
redesigned edition.

This album deals with the voyage.
Intricated in a story about time travels,
the heroin of Underneath will appear to
be the supporting role of a larger intrigue.

With this album, Wildpath unfold a
summary of their work since their first opus
with an extract from Non Omnis Moriar
played backward in Crystallized and a
melody from Nyx Secrets in Seeds Of A

Non Omnis Moriar

1 - Two Broken Candles

2 - Unforgotten

3 - Ballroom's Doors (Interlude)

4 - Shadows Dance

5 - Grinning Sanity

6 - Facing Fears (Interlude)

7 - Ghost Memories

8 - Desire part 1 - Lust

9 - Desire part 2 - Forsaken

10 - Light Heart

11 - Secret's Case

12 - Cemetears (Interlude)

13 - Non Omnis Moriar

14 - Hall Stairway (Interlude)

15 - Sanctuary part 1 - The Cathedral

16 - Sanctuary part 2 - Death

17 - Sanctuary part 3 - Revelations

(Full Length: 57:50)
Released in 2009 by Wildpath
Brennus, Staygold

Released in 2009, the album is a new
chapter for the band. New logo, new
members: Marjolaine Bernard, Nicolas
Lopes and Pierre Mahier join Wildpath.
This is also the start of the collaboration
with Brennus for the European release.

Darker and gloomier, Non Omnis Moriar
tells the tale of a woman taking shelter
in an old strange house. Like in a dream
she will encounter many events that will
guide her to a cathartic ending.

This concept album is strewed with musical
interludes to give a fluid and filmic sensation
through the whole story. The artworks are
bound by a ghostly blue smoke and the
music is more orchestral and operatic.

Nyx Secrets

1 - Nightbirth

2 - Black and White

3 - Everlasting Wish

4 - Gaïa

5 - Before I Die

6 - Ice Rose

7 - Ipsylos

8 - When Legends Come To Life

9 - Eternity

10 - Necromancer

11 - Prophecies Of Light And Darkness

12 - Nyx Secret

(Full Length: 56:44)
Released in 2006 by Staygold

First Wildpath Album, recorded by
Willdric Lievin, the album has been released
in 2006 in Japan via Staygold. It has been
higly noticed and entered in a few charts.

The Album is a discussion about time and
how we feel regarding these numbers on the
clock. Between our fears in the night and
our bravour enlightened by the sun,
Nyx Secrets tries to draw allegories of those

The whole album is a kind of best of what
Wildpath music was in 2006. The 12 tracks
have been chosen among dozens of songs,
for their high pace, catchy melodies and
energic riffs

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